Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Nonprofit Leadership

This months nonprofit blog carnival focuses on nonprofit leadership. With nonprofit leaders struggling to make the right decisions for their organizations, (e.g. budget cuts, mergers, close dissalution, or alternative funding sources) this month's carnival submissions provide key insights and solutions for leading nonprofits during these tough times and ways to look to the future for solutions.
  • Change matters understands these struggles all too well. The post Moving from Start up to What.explains what leadership decisions organizational founders must make in order to strategically move the organization forward.
  • Jeff Brooks (at Donor Power blog) in his Hope for Struggling Nonprofits post gives us all hope by sharing about a nonprofit that was able to turn their organization around.
  • This relates to Melanie Schmidt's (of Moving Missions Forward) post that provides suggestions how nonprpfot leaders can to handle things during times of uncertainty.
  • Trina Isakson writes in Leading from the Outside also explains how nonprofit employees can cope with the current leadership in their organizations by either: leaving your current nonprofit, starting your own nonprofit, or sticking with your current nonprofit.
In this time of econmic uncertainity many organizations are looking to the future for answers. For example. La Piana and Associates recently launched the Nonprofit Next initative which asks nonprofit leaders "What trends will have the biggest impact on the nonprofit sector's future?"(see previous post). Additionally, the Independent Sector recently gathered over 50 leaders in Colorado Springs, to discuss the future of nonprofits through their Strategy Lab initative. Neel Hajara writes about his experiences participating in the Strategy Lab.

As nonprofits struggle during this time, where will they turn? To current leadership and strategies or to future leadership trends and solutions?

Next months blog carnival will be hosted by Jason at A Small Change Fundraising Blog.

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