Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Donations to Haiti

I've been really busy with school right now to write a blog post about Haiti, however I just received an e-mail from my colleague Meg Busse who works for Idealist aka Action without Borders. Her e-mail provides info on how to donate to Haiti. Thanks Meg for the info!

I've been getting lots of emails from friends about the best org to donate to to help in Haiti. While there's not a "best" org...there are lots of great ones to choose from. However, there's also a lot of clutter to cut through to figure out the options.

That pressure to do anything--it's really a personal decision. This info is just FYI.

There are two blog posts on our site (Idealist) that are amazing distillations of ways to donate and help:

This post is an incredibly concise list of ways to find organizations to donate to and to find out more information

This post is more in-depth, with information such as why cash is preferable and how to make sure orgs are reputable.

This post on the Good Magazine blog just came out today and has some different aggregated resources.

Even if you've already made a decision about donating or not, there's a fascinating overview of the technological and web-based aid initiatives related to the Haiti recovery. It's an incredible look at how groups have collaborated to leverage their technologies and capacity to help.

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