Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Live Blogging Cause Conference 2010: Marketing Basics and Partnership Proposal

Brief notes/resources from breakout sessions this morning.

Adding Power and Value to your Partnerships Proposals

Parker Pike provided steps and resources for securing corporate partnerships.
  1. Conduct an internal audit of their resources (staffing, finances & current marketing resources)
  2. Partner with local media (San Diego area media contacts, do you have a list in your town?)
  3. Develop corporate partnership proposal (include the $ amounts of the value of your marketing efforts). The San Diego Marketing Association provides examples in their Nonprofit Valuation Survey.

Parker also provided additional resources about corporate sponsorship:
  • (analysts for donors about value of volunteer time)
  • (download reports – corporate social responsibility reporting)
  • (the premier organization that connects sponors to nonprofit organizations)

Understanding Marketing Basics

Diedra Maloney led a panel about nonprofit marketing basics. She first provided an overview of a nonprofit marketing plan. She then provided some general tips for the marketing role within a nonprofit. Here are her tips:
  • Every nonprofit needs to create a strategic marketing plan.
  • Marketing needs to be a part of the overall strategy of the organization.
  • Be clear about the role marketing will play in the organization.
  • The marketing role should be: Create communications, messages, and vehicles to inspire action to achieve your organization’s goals

Electronic marketing

One of the panelists Chris D'Eon spoke about the importance of using algorithms to track electronic marketing efforts. He provided several tools nonprofits can use to increase conversions on their websites (the amount of people that click through and make a donation). He used these tools in his nonprofit and increased funding by 63% - wow!

Public Relations

The last panelist Indra Gardner spoke about nonprofits and public relations. She mainly provided social media strategies and how nonprofits can use facebook, twitter, and UTube. She also advocated that everyone should read Beth Kanter's blog if they are interested in integrating social media into their organizations. Here are a couple of her tips:

  • Use facebook ads -- $10 for ads too target audience using demographics and interests.
  • Use press releases sparingly, instead create a list of the media contacts that care about your news and form relationships with those contacts.
  • Use google analytics and find out what percentage of people come to your site from search engines. These people are new and do not know much about your organization, work on connecting with those people.
  • launches press releases through social media.
  • Mashable – nonprofit case study examples, links, and best practices in using social media.

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