Monday, June 7, 2010

New to Volunteer Management: Here's a Brief Overview

Did you know that the majority of nonprofits do not have a volunteer manager, yet most use volunteers on a daily basis?

In my previous jobs I learned the hard way how to create volunteer applications, volunteer screening procedures, and volunteer management best practices; but this shouldn't have been the case. There is an abundance of volunteer management resources available on the web, many which are free. Here's a brief overview of these resources:

Awesome volunteer management websites
Selected Volunteerism Books and Research
This was compiled by the wonderful and talented Wanda Bailey. She is the former ED of Volunteer San Diego and she provided me this list of when we met to discuss my dissertation which deals with episodic volunteering. Thanks Wanda!!

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Anonymous said...

This is great. Thanks! I just took over the volunteer coordinator position at a local shelter, and they need help bad. This will so a long way in making sure I give them a real volunteer future.