Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aren't we all working to solve social challenges?

I was awed and amazed by the philanthropists and nonprofit managers came together for the social innovation fund. The corporation for national and community service's website states,

"The Social Innovation Fund is an illustration of the Corporation’s “all hands on deck” approach to solving social challenges by bringing the public, nonprofit, philanthropic and private sectors together to support community solutions"

Unfortunately this group of people and organizations appear to be a minority in our sector.

Many people who designate themselves as philanthropists and many people who designate themselves as nonprofit managers maintain separate platforms and separate issues and do not collaborate. Yet, aren't we all working to solve social challenges? Don't we all want to create a better society whether it be by investing in social causes monetarily or by creating social change through improved nonprofit operations?

I would like to see us all operate like the organizations and individuals that came together for the social innovation fund. We (myself included) need to work together (philanthropists and nonprofit managers) to create social change. For example, more philanthropists can invest in organizational capacity (like Social Venture Partners) in addition to supporting specific social issues. Also, nonprofit managers can learn a lot from philanthropists in how to invest in, and solve social issues.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great information. The Leadership Talk doesn't drive purpose. Purpose drives the Leadership Talk. There is one and only one purpose of the Leadership Talk: that's to motivate people to be your cause leaders in meeting the challenges you face