Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Qualities of a great boss

I've always loved working in the nonprofit sector, however, so far I've had to deal with a number of challenging work environments. I have to admit that I'm probably not the easiest to supervise because I am an overachiever and sometimes my ego gets in the way. :) However, I finally found a work environment that I love and it is because I have a wonderful boss. Since I work for both the University and the Foundation...I'm not going to say who that boss is, only to say what qualities he/she has.

It is very evident that my boss believes in me and they entrust me with projects. In addition, no matter how busy they are, they take time to meet with me and listen to my needs along with providing me encouragement with the ideas I have for the organization. If they don't think I am ready to do a project, or they don't want to do a specific project in the organization, they explain to me why in a non egotistical way which makes sense to me and I don't get upset.

These things seem really simple, however I've been in a lot of organizations where this is not the case. I continually thank my boss and tell them how much they are appreciated for treating me with trust and respect.

Thanks to all the great bosses out there!! Your employees love you!

Young Women's Spirit of Leadership Conference

It is fitting that while pursuing my PhD in Leadership, I am also working for a nonprofit that trains high school women in the San Diego community. On March 1st over 500 young women from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds throughout San Diego County will gather for our Young Women's Spirit of Leadership Conference. This Conference features nationally recognized keynote speakers, dozens of compelling workshops, a community service project, a mentor luncheon involving over 250 are women leaders and more. Participants will develop critical personal and professional skills and expand their horizons, while learning how to access resources, network, negotiate and problem solve. I am really looking forward to it!