Monday, January 28, 2008

Blog Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants January 28th

It has been a while since I hosted the blog carnival of nonprofit consultants, however I am glad to be back and hosting this week. I just started my spring semester and I am happy to post seven intellectually stimulating posts this week.

1. An exciting post from Polar Unlimited discusses about the "Tipping Point for Philanthropy" with the intergenerational transfer of wealth being upon us.

2. What are your opinions of the American Red Cross? Don't tell the Donor explains about the "Red Cross [being] Rocked by Staff Cuts".

3. A new blogger emerges at Sea Change strategies with the post "New Sea Change Voice" and writes about three interesting articles in the Harvard Business Review all which are relevant to nonprofits:
-"The Four Truths of the Storyteller”
-"Breakthrough Thinking from Inside the Box"
-"What Every Leader Needs to Know About Followers"

4. Donor Power Blog post, "You Can't Control the Conversation" provides three tips to enhance the donor experience.

5. Cool People Care and the Remarka blog discusses about what "Intentional Poverty" really means and how important it is for nonprofit professionals to understand poverty if we are going to really fight against it.

6. Jason at a Small-Change Fundraising Blog looks at the future of online giving with his post "A look into the online future interview part 4. "

7. Last, new blogger Lindsey posts about something we all think about in the nonprofit sector, "Learning to Change the World."

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Joanna said...

Love the carnival approach again (thanks for doing another!). What do you think about peer-to-peer tools? I can't seem to find a cohesive best practices anywhere. I've been looking for something and only found this from a vendor, Advanced Solutions International:

Do these really work? Are there others?