Thursday, September 6, 2007

Being Director

I feel like I am very lucky to come into a stable organization with great team to work with. I am excited to be able to provide strategic direction for the organization as well as utilize all my other skills like fundraising and operations. At one point I didn't want to be ED of any organization, however I feel like I am meant to be here at the Foundation and it is a wonderful role for me to be in. As my Executive coach would say, "I'm in the honeymoon stage of my job."

I do have more work than I can ever get done, and I am humbled like I thought I would be because I'm at the helm now and balancing the priorities of the organization. Already in my first week of classes, studying leadership has challenged me to think differently as the authority figure in my organization.

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Stan said...

Nice to run across a kindred spirit. I too have been doing nonprofit work, mostly as an ED for the last 17 years and started back for the ole PhD about 2 years ago. I'm working full time at Triangle United Way and school part-time. I admire folks who juggle this. Great to see your blog.