Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Research Projects at the Caster Family Center for Nonprofit Research

I've been blogging a lot about my work as a nonprofit manager, however I wanted to share about the two new exciting research projects I am conducting here at the Caster Family Center for Nonprofit Research. These projects relate to both my passion for the field and my passion for nonprofit management education. In addition, since I am a new PhD student engaging in these projects, I am learning about qualitative and quantitative research methods in real time. I report to the Director of Assessment at the School of Leadership and Education Sciences, she is a great mentor to me on both of these projects.

1. Assessment of the Nonprofit Leadership and Management Program
We are currently in the process of conducting an assessment of the Nonprofit Leadership and Masters Program. In January 2008, will be sending a survey to all alumni. We plan to use the data along with past entrance and exit surveys to create a comprehensive assessment of the program.

2 Applied Projects Assessment
Each Masters student cohort completes an approximately 75 applied projects per year in local nonprofit organizations. We are developing a protocol to assess the impact of students' applied projects in these organizations. This assessment will help us to determine ways to improve the students' and organizations' overall experiences.

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