Monday, November 12, 2007

Nonprofit Sector Workforce Coalition Meeting

Right before the fire I had the opportunity to represent the Caster Family Center for Nonprofit Research at the Nonprofit Sector Workforce Coalition meeting in Los Angeles during the Independent Sector Conference.

For months I have followed the work of the coalition and wanted to be a fly on the wall at these meetings, however it was so awesome to finally be able to attend and meet all the fabulous people in the coalition!!

The Nonprofit Sector Workforce Coalition was started by American Humanics as a way to promote working in the nonprofit sector. It is membership driven (any organization is welcome to join) and since its inception has created three initiatives.

1. National Campaign for Nonprofit Careers
2. Student Debt Initiative
3. Workforce Diversity Inclusion Initiative

Notes from our meeting can be found here. I found this meeting very beneficial to attend. The coalition has already achieved great strides from passing HR 2669 which forgives student debt for those who work in the nonprofit sector 10 years or longer.

I personally joined the national campaign for nonprofit careers which may break up into two initiatives--one of recruiting people to work in the sector and the other to retain people working in the sector. I think both issues are important, however I'm leaning towards the retention issue because--how can we recruit people into the sector if we can't even get them to stay?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about the meeting. I know that I am reading this post a bit late but I wanted to thank you none the less.

-Steve Bauer