Monday, March 24, 2008

Operations Management Isn't Sexy

My husband is pursuing his MBA and he happens to be taking an Operations Management course this semester. He was reading a chapter in his text book yesterday and he told me, "hey honey, this chapter says why people don't prioritize operations--it isn't sexy like sales or advertising."

Wow, that is so true. I've known for quite some time that my profession isn't sexy, but it sure is important to the success of the organization. I've seen organizations get so busy they forget to renew their insurance or reorder checks which causes extra time and hassle.

I'm teaching another seminar on Saturday titled Nonprofit Operations: Strategies & Steps for Successful Mission Achievement

I describe the seminar by stating, "Do you focus so strongly on achieving the mission of your organization that certain operational areas get overlooked?" For four short hours, I help nonprofit managers focus on the un-sexy stuff and think about their operations as well as show them ways that smooth operations leads to successful mission achievement.

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