Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Reasons why you should start a nonprofit

Many academics and practitioners alike do not want people to start new nonprofits. I disagree, here's why. People are complaining about the low pay in the sector, lack of mentorship opportunities, and the charity scandals are happening each week. We need new nonprofits to revitalize and grow the sector.

Many of the new nonprofits starting up today will put other ineffective nonprofits out of business. These new nonprofits will come up with new and innovative ideas to solve old problems and they will do it in a more cost effective way while paying their employees a decent wage. Sector switching boomers and the younger generations are starting their own nonprofits. We don't tell people they shouldn't start small businesses so we certainly shouldn't say don't start a new nonprofit especially if the person who is starting the nonprofit will do a better job at running their nonprofit than the majority of nonprofits that are already out there.

So, if you are thinking of starting a nonprofit...do it! And while you are at it, do it better than what has been done before!!

And if you are in the Bay Area, take my seminar this Saturday 3/15 at John F. Kennedy University--Jumpstart Your Passion: How to Successfully Start and Run Your Own Nonprofit Organization.


carolyn said...

Thank you for your blog. I would like to opena new nonprofit in San Diego, California and am starting at Square One. What would you suggest I do to start the ball rolling? Thank you, Carolyn Walstein, Safe Transitions for Women - Sober Living House.

Heather Carpenter said...


Download a free copy of the toolkit How to Start a Nonprofit on my website. http://www.nonprofitalternatives.org/researchpublications.html

Then sign up for my course Jumpstart Your Passion: How to Start and Run a Nonprofit. This summer Emily Davis (EDA consulting) and I are offering for the first time in San Diego. Check back on my website soon.