Friday, August 1, 2008

Alumni Perspectives: Evaluation of the Nonprofit Leadership and Management Masters Program at University of San Diego

This past year as a Research Assistant in the Caster Family Center for Nonprofit Research, I worked with the Director of Assessment in the School of Leadership and Education Sciences to do an evaluation of the Nonprofit Leadership and Masters program at the University of San Diego. We recently published this report.

Key findings include:

The rate of Overall Satisfaction with the program is 95.2%.

In terms of the program’s effect on students’ careers, 89.1% of the alumni experienced some type of career change since attending the program, with 58.7% receiving an increase in income since graduation.

For each of the learning outcomes in required courses, 89% to 100% of the respondents indicate that their knowledge and skills were enhanced moderately to extremely well.

Across all cohorts, 75% of the respondents indicated that they apply the knowledge they learned in the program on a daily basis.

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