Thursday, February 5, 2009

Now is the Time for Nonprofits to Come Together

We have a new administration. We need to stop complaining about all the problems in our nonprofits and show Obama and his team that nonprofits are important and vital to society. We make up 10% of the US workforce (2008 Nonprofit Almanac) and we work in a variety of fields important to society--hospitals, human service organizations, civic associations, religious institutions and arts organizations. Our individual nonprofit's missions are important, however will not make an impact of we try to approach the new administration on our own. We must come together as a sector and influence the government!

There are three ways that nonprofits can get involved and influence our government now!

1. At the local level: Write your local representative about how important and vital your nonprofit is in your local community.

2. At the state level: Check out what your state nonprofit association is doing to influence policy to help nonprofits. For example the California Association of Nonprofits has annual policy days, monthy policy briefing calls and connects nonprofits to policies that are important to nonprofits in the state of California.

3. At the national level: The Nonprofit Congress is working to educate nonprofits that lobbying and advocacy on the national level is alright and important for the success of the nonprofit sector. They provide nonprofit advocacy and lobbying links and resources on their website. Also check our their recommendations to the new administration. Also at the national level: The Independent Sector is speaking on behalf of all nonprofits and you need to know what they are recommending to the new administration because it affects your organization! Check out the Independent Sector's 2009 policy recommendations and e-mail their public policy Vice President patr at the independentsector dot org about policy recommendations on behalf of your nonprofit.

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