Friday, April 24, 2009

YNPN Leaders Conference: Revitalize your day- Listen to Diana Aviv and Francis Kunreuther

After getting one hour of sleep last night I'm about done for the day. Luckily for me, Diana Aviv President of the Independent Sector just keynoted at the YNPN Leaders Conference and Francis Kunreuther, author of Working Accross Generations was on the last panel of the day.

Here are a few highlights from their talks:

I pulled two themes of Diana's talk, strong nonprofits and leadership:

Strong Nonprofits are:
  • Working together to make major impact.
  • Working in the community and not working in isolation.
  • Using human capital and strong committed individuals.
  • Using connected people who are interested in making our society a better place.
Leadership is about:
  • Working with others to achieve what you want to do. (Not being a lone ranger)
  • Creating a clear vision for oneself and one society.
  • Formulating your vision into a reality.
  • Following your passion.
Diana's talk was a charge for emerging leaders to lead strong nonprofits in the future.

Similarly, Francis's talk focused on nonprofit structures:

She is engaging in a new initative with Idealist and to create new organizational structures in the nonprofit sector. This will involve:
  • Interviewing organizations to find out what organizational structures are working
  • Finding a way for nonprofits to replicate working organizational structures.
  • Restructuring top positions within nonprofits
  • Meeting with Civic Venture to engage in structural revolutions.
*The goal of this organization restructuring so nonprofits can operate more effectively and efficiently.*

YES --FINALLY this is similar to my argument to change the system of the nonprofit sector in my blog post My Theory of Nonprofit Leadership. However, framed in a different way. We need to change nonprofit organizational structures in order to improve the leadership in nonprofit organizations.

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