Thursday, October 14, 2010

Countdown to the Independent Sector Conference

Next week (Oct. 23-36) I'll be leading the "Twitter/blog Squad" for the NGen portion of the Independent Sector conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bloggers include:

Kathrin Ivanovic @kathrinoutloud
Tera Quails @terawozqualls
Emily Yu @dcxchange
Heather Carpenter @heathercarpente
Monica Montgomery @urbanmomentum
Mike Goorhouse

Tweeters include:

Scott Beale @atlascorps
Stephen Bauer @stephenbauer
Kristin Campbell @isngen @kcambell
Rusty Stahl @rustystahl @epipnational
Maya Enista @menista @mob_org
Andy Ho @andyho
Scott Bechtler-Levin @ideaencore

Be sure to check out our blog posts at: and our twitter updates #isngen (Main conference tweets #isconf)

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