Monday, August 13, 2007

Blog Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants!

I am excited to be hosting the blog Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants for the first time on this blog! There were some great posts this week!

Here are some marketing and fundraising tips.

1. Jeff Brooks of the Donor Power blog writes in his post why most fundraising doesn't work.

2. Katya Andresen of the Nonprofit Marketing blog explains about using the "Puppy Factor" in nonprofit marketing and fundraising.

3. Paul Jones writes about offering exclusivity for cause related marketing sponsorships in his Cause-Related Marketing blog post.

4. In Kivi Miller's post, she explains the importance of obtaining a model release before using photographs in your nonprofit's newsletter.

5. Michael Stein (west coast) writes a post about how Mal Warwick a well known fundraising consultant, answers 500 fundraising questions on his (Mal's) website.

And the buzz continues about the leadership transition in the nonprofit sector.

6. Alvaro Fernandez of the Brain Fitness blog talks about the importance of, "Training the Aging Workforce."

7. And I wrote a post about how I think the leadership gap has to do with lack of succession planning in nonprofits.

Happy blogging this week! Michele Martin of the Bamboo Project blog hosts the next blog Carnival.

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