Thursday, October 25, 2007

Next Steps after the Disaster

On Wednesday morning as the neighborhoods around me were able to return home, I started to feel more safe. I also found out that Dr. Ken Druck, the founder of my organization--The Jenna Druck Foundation was already helping families who had lost their home in the fire (even though his home was threatened too). I have an amazing awe and admiration and for him because of his ability to look beyond his individual crisis and help the community.

As the day went on and more and more areas were allowed back home, I started to function and look beyond the needs of my family and onto helping the community. I feel honored to share with you what Dr. Ken Druck, Founder of the Jenna Druck wrote about how to cope with this disaster. I am taking this to heart and I hope you will too:

Tips for Helping Yourself and Your Kids Cope with The Fires

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