Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Toolkits for Your Nonprofit

Here are some nonprofit management toolkits I created. They include all practical resources and tips I utilize while managing my nonprofit.


  • Starting a Nonprofit Toolkit: Are you are really passionate about an issue and thinking about starting your own nonprofit--but don’t know where to begin? This toolkit provides a simple overview as well as practical resources for starting your own nonprofit organization.

  • Setting up a Nonprofit Office Toolkit: Are your ready to move away from your cramped space or your founder’s dining room and find a new office for your nonprofit? This toolkit provides resources and steps to guide you during your nonprofit’s office move.

  • Nonprofit Operations Toolkit: This toolkit provides practical steps and resources for established nonprofit organizations to run more effectively. The toolkit is broken into eight key operational areas which are critical to running the day-to-day operations of any nonprofit organization.
I usually sell these on my website, however I don't have enough time to promote them. Please feel free to purchase one if you are feeling generous. All proceeds go to fund my education :).

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