Monday, October 12, 2009

Introspection on Life, Love, and Nonprofits

As many of you read in my post last month I had quite a transformational summer and I've being doing a lot of introspection lately. Last week when I arrived in DC for the Nonprofit HR Conference and sat down for a delightful dinner with my dear colleague Rosetta Thurman, she inspired me and reminded me that I can still blog even if my posts are more introspective.

So here it goes, here are some of the things I'm reflecting on right now.
  • I've spent so many years trying to prove myself and get a ton of work experience, I've often sacrificed my personal needs in the process. I am starting to take care of myself and take time to reflect and think through activities and projects I take on or say yes to. This is really difficult for me because my passion for nonprofit work is my strength and my weakness. I often do too many things at once.
  • My husband and I would like to start a family. This is something we've put off for years because my career has been more important to me. Even though many working mothers have paved the way ahead of me, I am still worried about how I'll be able to balance it all. I still want to be a tenure track professor or a full-time nonprofit employee along with being a mom. I've read numerous books on working moms, (some can be found here, here, and here) yet this still feels like the biggest decision of my life.

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Rick Torseth said...


Great post. I'm with Rosetta. Introspective is another name for openness. An always useful approach. My first thought after I read your 10/12 post was "she doesn't have to do it all herself." Not sure where that came from but it showed itself when you talked about starting a family. Glad you are on doing this work.

Regards Rick Torseth