Monday, October 5, 2009

Nonprofit HR Conference: The Future of Nonprofit Recruitment

I love discussing the future of the nonprofit sector because the sector is going through a shift. James Weinberg CEO of Commongood careers and Gretchen Anderson from On-ramps Recruiting Firm shared the future of nonprofit recruitment and hiring.

They said:

1. Recruitment in the future done with social media. Yeah!!! LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Ning, etc.

2. Organizations will take full advantage of ALL the people that apply for a job. Organizations will add these candidates to their database and newsletter. These candidates are future donors, volunteers, and supporters of the organizations.

3. Organizations will orient new employees on their first day, week, month (also known as onboarding).

4. Staff will receive professional development opportunities within the organization. For example, career planning, career ladders, mentoring, Peer-to-peer learning, and brown bag lunches.


Trina Isakson said...

Thanks for sharing Heather. The question is, why aren't #2-4 already the status quo?

Heather Carpenter said...

good question Trina...its too bad this is what is going to happen in the future versus what actually happens today.