Monday, November 10, 2008

IS Conference -- media that matters

Ok, let me set the record straight. I really like the IS conference, it is not at all what I thought it would be like. The presenters are talking about important issues that are relavant to all nonprofits. For example, I'm in a session right now that is similar to sessions offered at the NTC Conference about new social media for nonprofits. I just learned about an awesome new website that privides a guide for creating an online video -- See 3 communications -- this website makes it easy and affordable for nonprofits to make videos relevant to their issues. U tube also has a program that specifically works with nonprofits and helps increase branding, a google check out button and there is a nonprofits and activism section on Utube. Using video helps empower volunteer supporters and is an organizing tool to target the people you want to target. Nonprofits can post trainings on Utube and get responses or questions from the videos. Warning, in order to use Utube for the benefit of your members, nonprofits must connect with the Utube community and subscribe to other Utube videos to get subscribers and viewers of their own videos. Other awesome video websites 1000 voices, Grantmakers in Film and Electronic Media, Media that Matters, Scribe Video Center.

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