Tuesday, November 11, 2008

IS Conference - Nonprofit Effectiveness

What would a nonprofit conference be without a session about nonprofit effectiveness. The panelists provided suggestions and recommendations for nonprofits to be more effective. For example, Perla Ni was there and recommended her new website Greatnonprofits.org as an opportunity for nonprofits to share their stories and message so donors and foundations can see their effectiveness. Sounds great. We just did this study at USD and found that the most well known nonprofits are the ones that are in the media. So nonprofits need to share their stories on Greatnonprofits.org to get their message heard, however many grassroots nonprofits that are doing amazing work in the sector will not be on the great nonprofits website. They are great at getting their message to constituents but they need help from foundations and the media to get their stories out to the general public and on greatnonprofits.org. So I urge whoever is reading this to not forget the grassroot nonprofits that are doing amazing work but not being heard on a national level.

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