Monday, November 10, 2008

IS Conference: Our Voices are being Heard!!

This is the first conference that I have been to that truly has an NGen voice. We are participating in sessions and speaking up about issues that are important in the sector including the work/life balance issue, creating and maintaining social movements, reaching out through social media, and so much more! And we are meeting key leaders in the NP sector -- people that are so amazing and have built the sector. Tonight IS honored Robert Greenstein, Founder and Executive Director of Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. He is responsible for creating the Earned Income Tax Credit and providing improvements to help low-income families with food stamps, TANF and more!

It is sooo much fun to hang out, live blog, and tweet with my peeps -- fellow emerging leader bloggers including:

Trista Harris -- New Voices of Philanthropy
Tera Wozinak -- Social Citizen
Rosetta Thurman -- Perspectives from the Pipleline
Katya Andresen -- Robin Hood Marketing
& my brand new friend and blogger Kathrin Ivonovic -- Diversity Projekt

Read how blogging has accelerated Trista and Rosetta's career in my paper -- Perspectives on Blogging in the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector.

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Samuel Isaac Richard said...

That's a fantastic list of bloggers...

It's been fun reading all about the conference. Almost as good as actually being there!