Monday, November 10, 2008

IS Conference -- Work/Life Balance

I am starting to shift my thinking about the work/life balance issue in the sector. If you read my blog you know I tend to have a big picture approach to the sector. I believe there is a systemic problem in the sector -- there is too much presure from the public and funders to keep nonprofits' overhead expenses low but still produce high outcomes. These pressures cause nonprofit to be overworked and in crisis!! Well trained ED's can challenge the system and provide support to their staff. However, there are still many nonprofits with capacity issues that do not provide the needed support to their staff. For those staff members the work/life balance issue must happen on an individual basis. There is a book I just learned about-- Total Leadership which provides an individual approach/solution to the work/life balance issue. Rosetta Thurman is working with next gen leaders in DC using the Total Leadership book to help them create their own work/life balance. Through this process NGen's can be fulfilled which in turn impacts their organizations and then the sector as a whole. Instead of the usual top down approach -- its a bottom up approach for creating change in the sector.

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