Thursday, November 20, 2008

Keeping the Excitement Going - ARNOVA plenary

The plenary at ARNOVA sounded a lot like the plenary at IS. Everyone is excited about Obama's campaign and to leverage this excitement. Ruth McCambridge Editor of the Nonprofit Quarterly spoke about how we need to come together as a sector to address key issues like the economic crisis. She brought up a great new resource released by the Nonprofit Congress the Nonprofit Economic Vitality Center.

Someone also asked the key question about mobilizing younger people in the nonprofit sector. I am laughing because people are suggesting ways to mobilize us younger folks--no offense--but ARNOVA has a long ways to go to mobilize younger people in the sector. This was the first year ARNOVA stopped using overhead projectors and when I mentioned the word blog to the ED of ARNOVA I received a blank stare.

The younger workers are already starting to mobilize ourselves about issues important within the sector--just look on twitter and facebook see all the campaigns and causes. The problem is we are not mobalizing in the way that the older generations are used to. We can continue to mobalize through technology but we can do more by providing feedback and opinions on this new site Nonprofit Economic Vitality Site too.

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bao Vang said...

I wish I was at colleague and Executive Director are there. Maybe you went to their session?